Canvas Women's Shoe Unique

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Canvas Women's Shoe Unique

Treat your feet to these Canvas Women's Shoe Uniques! They slip on and off with ease and provide plenty of everyday-wear comfort with their breathable lining and super soft insole. Plus, their durable canvas and rubber outsole build ensure a long wear life. Elastic side accents, padded collars and tongues add a bit of pizazz. True to size, these shoes are easy to look after -- just spot clean as needed! For when you need a comfy, stylish shoe that can handle your everyday! Slip 'em on and impress with their fashionable look and practicality. These shoes can take you from one errand to the next without skipping a beat. Who said everyday shoes had to be boring? Make a statement with every step in Canvas Women's Shoe Uniques!

Gender: Women