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Stay Warm In Style

Marla Colorblock Top

Marla Colorblock Top

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Discover the perfect fit with our fabulous collection! Our sizes range from Small, suitable for the lovely ladies sized 0-4, to Medium for those chic fashionistas in size 6-8. Be bold and beautiful in Large, designed for enchanting individuals sized 10-12. XL is here to embrace curves and style for those captivating figures between 14-16. If you seek utmost sophistication, our 2XL will wrap around your elegance effortlessly if you wear size 16-18. Trust us - this stunning piece looks sensational on everyone! Crafted with a blend of premium materials: 95% Polyester offers durability while the soft touch of Spandex guarantees comfort all day long. The incredible model featured here adorned herself in a cute Small – just like you can too! Place your order now and experience fashionable perfection firsthand!

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